About Us

Business Productivity’s mission is to help companies improve their business productivity and increase their return on investment in end user software by providing modern, business-related, impactful high-definition training videos. We work closely with our customers to increase adoption of IT solutions and employee productivity.

People today don’t spend time reading manuals or sit through lengthy classroom training. Unfortunately, training is still needed since many people are set in their old way of doing things, even though they possess powerful technology that can help them work more effectively. This is where we come in – we provide educational, practical, step-by-step videos that help employees become more productive in their daily work.

We strongly believe that we have a gap to fill. Most software training available today focus on the features, not results. We focus on applying better work methods in combination with effective use of technology for optimal results.

Business Productivity’s offerings include GetSharpCourses (online video courses on how to effectively use Microsoft Office/Office 365  in real life business scenarios), GetSharpVideos (a video collection of video tutorials showcasing common business scenarios using Microsoft Office/Office 365), Customized Videos (training or marketing videos showcasing an IT solution of choice) and End User Productivity Workshops.

Our Partners

Microsoft Silver Learning Partnership Business Productivity’s primary partner is Microsoft. Business Productivity is a certified Microsoft Learning Silver Partner. We collaborate closely with Microsoft for trainings, launch events and seminars.

udemy logo transparent Business Productivity partners with Udemy to deliver online video courses to a large audience all over the world. Managing Director Ulrika Hedlund is a certified instructor with Udemy and numerous courses on how to increase business productivity using Microsoft software are featured on the Udemy learning platform. These courses can be purchased individually online, or purchased in volume for corporations by contacting info@businessproductivity.com.

We are always looking for new fruitful business partnerships so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a partnership.

Our founders

Business Productivity was founded in 2011 by Ulrika and Peter Hedlund.

Peter Hedlund Peter Hedlund

Peter Hedlund has an extensive background in the Internet-, media- and telecom industry where he has held senior positions in both global organizations as well as smaller international start-up companies, some of which have gone public.

Peter holds a Master of Science in Business Administration combined with studies at Harvard University and Vienna School of Economics. Peter is a non-active Executive Director for Business Productivity.

Ulrika Hedlund

Ulrika has worked for Microsoft for more than eleven years in various roles in Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. She has worked as a Technology Specialist, Solution Specialist, Business Productivity Advisor, Enterprise Marketing Manager and Customer and Partner Experience Lead.

She has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and an Executive Master of Business Administration from London Business School.

Ulrika is the Managing Director of Business Productivity.