Customized videos

Do your employees need help using your CRM system? Do you want to market a software solution you’ve developed?

Business Productivity offers customized videos, tailor-made for your specific needs.


Customized video tutorials

Impactful video tutorials

We produce impactful, scenario-based video tutorials that can be used to train employees on an IT solution of choice. The customized video tutorials are created in close collaboration with you to identify and script your desired  business processes. The video tutorials will guide your employees step-by-step on how to use the internal applications and clearly highlight the value and benefit of using them.

Effective Marketing Videos

Do you have an IT system that you have developed that you want to market? With our extensive knowledge in software video production, we produce customized marketing videos showcasing your IT solution. The customized marketing videos are created in close collaboration with you to fine-tune your value proposition and messaging.

Case Study Videos

Do you have a customer that has greatly benefited from your IT System? Business Productivity provides case study videos effectively communicating the value your IT solution has brought to your customer. The cast study videos are created in close collaboration with you to capture the essence of the system.